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Truth is... I suck!

I recently wrote a resume. That was fun! Literally the only time bragging on yourself is encouraged. Honestly, I did a good job of it, too. Good enough to get a request to fly out to a big city for a potential position.

Bragging is so easy to do (see above) in the hip hop culture. Phrases like "look at my..." or "you ain't got..." are definitely not lacking from those topping the charts. But to highlight one's own mistakes can be daunting.

We know ourselves (I hope). We know our strengths and weaknesses. It's the weaknesses that make us strong, though. I know it sounds backwards; but when I hear someone quoting my lyrics, jumping up and down on a bass drop I produced, or sending fire emojis in succession -- it reminds me that I suck.

I'm not a professional in the sense that I use super expensive equipment and lock myself in a soundproof studio to record. I don't have a marketing team with a schedule laid out beforehand to execute the best strategy to create buzz. I don't spend my time well when I have overbooked myself trying to fit 40 hours of work in 24. I snap at my kids when I'm frustrated at something unrelated to their simple request. I drown out the sound of my wife's voice because I'm on auto pilot waiting to reply with an "oh wow..." I miss deadlines and put myself before others...this is a short list.


In the midst of these flaws, I find opportunities to grow because I fall short. I find avenues to navigate with extend more grace because I need it just the same. I forgive quicker because I've been in the wrong myself. I lend a helping hand because I've had my plate way too full - by my own doing.

In my weakness, I'm made stronger--or rather...He is made strong.

I suck. But knowing my weaknesses makes me better.

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