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"Tryna get better than ever, then when ever comes...

get better with ever's replacement."

Improvement. Growth. I need these things in my life. When I wrote Woke Up, I knew I wanted to do something that was LIT but had a deeper meaning beneath the surface. The underlining theme is this, "I'm feelin good, feelin fine, feelin fresh (yeah)" lol; but the circumstances around me aren't reflecting these feelings. It doesn't make sense...

"Woke up, thanks up [meaning prayer],

even if the bank account ain't up."

This could be a bold statement for someone with four boys 5 & under, right? So how can I feel these things? Hope. Joy. Peace. The source of my feelings isn't and can not be external; but rather internal. It has to be eternal, intangible things that set my mood. Otherwise, I'd be a nutcase flying in the wind by every change in the weather of this thing called life. Woke Up is a declaration and anthem saying, I know what my current situation looks like, but it's not forever. I know what my dreams are, and they are coming. This is temporary; just like this day and the very breath I breathe. It doesn't last but I must improve nonetheless or be lost, forgotten, and wasted as a life.

Not me. I must be better. I must be greater. Why? Because there are four men under me looking up and I'm the first example and imprint of a man in this life that they have. God has appointed and given me the responsibility to show, lead, and direct. This is a choice I have to make everyday. Do I mess up? Of course. But when I'm granted another day, it's time to take advantage of that opportunity of growth and improvement. Facing whatever comes; knowing it will make me they can be ever greater.

"Every day is a blessing that should be enough, that should be enough,

I'm just thankful that I

Woke Up."

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