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Famous For What...?

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Doctor. Police officer. Fire fighter. Teacher. Famous.

Can you tell which answer was mine. I literally wrote down 'Famous' as an answer to the age-old question every teacher asks their students. And what's crazier is I still believe it today. This is something I've shared with few (can you tell why?). I feel it and taste it when opportunities arise in performance, worship, even clutch moments of spontaneous singing in the shower. Famous -- but for what?

Money. Girls. Things. All reasons some chase fame. I honestly can't say those weren't on my list of reasons at certain points in my life; but seasons change and I believe I'm starting to realize why I've always felt the gravitation of the stage, spotlight, or front row. With being known, you are vulnerable. There's no hiding. Any true leader will tell you a 'normal' life is out of the question. My faith tells me to stand out, be bold, and shine brightly.

I believe we are all destined for something great; even if great doesn't look like the cover photo of the latest magazine. Greatness says be the best version of you. I want to represent greatness because I was made from greatness. Yes, my parents are awesome; but I speak of my Heavenly Father. I was made to do great things. You are too -- whether that means being great on a grand scale or intimately in relationships and proximity. Greatness and excellence are not perfection, but they do speak of character and purpose.

Famous. Yes, I believe I will be -- but famous for what?

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