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Speed Bumps ≠ Parking Spots

Can you imagine someone actually doing this? They pull up to a speed bump, but instead of just slowly going over -- they park their car.

Surprisingly, it happens more than you think.

I had a show up in Willmar, Minnesota. 5 hour drive. Took the Tribe with me. We stopped for gas just 2 hours away from where we needed to be.

Not bad.

The gas station wouldn't take my card.


We had hit a speed bump that was seemingly stopping us in our tracks. We were stressed out, frustrated and some other words I don't choose to share. With some help from friends we were able to pay for the gas over the phone. As you can imagine, this did make us later than we wanted to be and put tension on the performance soundcheck as we showed up minutes before showtime.

So...what did I take away from this. Well... the fact that this happens all the time to all of us. It's called the road of life.

We all have a road that we're on and we want to get to our goal or destination as quickly and safely as possible. Now this destination is the goal, and the road will take you there; but you've got to get past some of the speed bumps. A speed bump does slow us down but it is not supposed to stop us completely and make us shut off our vehicle. It does take caution to navigate; but it was built into the road for a purpose.

Don't let the speed bumps you've pulled up to recently become a parking spot. Literally, get over it and get to that destination.

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